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Hi, we're Renie&Wenmin.:D Both still schooling, but 101% friendly&scam-free. Mail us @ sweetdelusion63@gmail.com for orders etc.(: Also, please read th T&C before purchasing!
We do supply!

Blog opened on 22/09/2010,
Reopened on 02/09/2011

Secrets are not meant to be told, so make sure your lips are sealed.
Saturday, September 10, 2011 /11:56 PM

Hello people :D

'Cos lately we've been very busy even though it's the hols :\
So we've decided to close this blogshop.
Thank you very very much for all the support you've given us (:
We love you guys, but we really have no time to manage the blogshop anymore.
Once again, really sorry & thank you for every single one of you <3


0Foldable Waterbottles ♥
Thursday, September 8, 2011 /10:28 PM

Somehow I keep seeing these nowadays...
Foldable waterbottles.

Each for $7, 13 different designs! (I find some really cute haha.)
Cappings @ -/5.

Anything you see on other blogshops & want us to sell? Email us at sweetdelusion63@gmail.com ! ♥


0Telecoil Bands ♥
Saturday, September 3, 2011 /2:06 PM

Look what's back :D

Telecoil Bands!

Most of the colours available (:
Costs $0.50 - $1.20, depends on the colour chosen.
No cappings needed!

Anything you see on other blogshops & want us to sell? Email us at sweetdelusion63@gmail.com ! ♥


0Looking for Suppliers.
Friday, September 2, 2011 /11:14 PM

Hello. Again.(:

I'm currently looking for suppliers for these items:

Alphabet KeyChains/ Necklaces/Hp Straps
Alphabet Tees
Bf Shirts + Cardigans
Cartoon Tees
Geek Specs
Little Miss&Mr Tees
Name Stickers
Raglan Tees
Spree items [Male and/or Female]
Telecoil Bands

Suppliers for other items are also greatly welcomed :D


/10:23 PM

Yes you're not reading the title wrong...
I am SO SO SO SORRY for being MIA for the past 7 months without mentioning it!
I've been really busy & I *cough* forgot the password *cough*.
Very, deeply, truly, extremely sorry!
Anyway before we're fully running:

1. Updating Items
For now, the items are not updated & some items may not be selling anymore!
So please bear with us, they'll be updated by 7th September 2011(:

2. Changing of Meet-up Locations
Due to being MUCH busier this year, I have to decrease the number of locations available for meet-ups. Yes, this means that I will NOT be travelling to the west for meet-ups anymore.

3. Updating Links
As I've been MIA, I think there will be some dead blogs too or blogs that need re-linking. So please wait as I update the links(:

Oh yea, I look very different now 'cos I started wearing specs often D:
So don't be shocked if you can't recognize me!
That's all for now :D


0Happy New Year!
Saturday, January 1, 2011 /11:56 AM

Happy new year guys! ♥
How was 2010? It wasn't all that great for me, but I ended it happy. :D
Anyway, thanks t all of you that have supported us th past 3 months!
& even if you havent, we love you all th same :3
Okay, there shall be SALES then. ^^
Till 14thFeb.
5% off total price if you buy 2 items, 10% off total price if you buy 3 items, 20% off total price if you buy 3 items(:
(Dont say discount v. little kay TT. 'Cos th difference between supply rates&selling price v lil only!)
Be happy! All th best for th year ahead!

P.S. Imma happy person :D ♥

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 /9:29 PM

I'm replying this here because he/she did not leave a way of contacting him/her(:

-.- the button headphone for $20?! GO AND DIE PLEASE OTHER BLOGSHOP SELLING AT $12 ONLY

I do understand that some of th prices are high, and Idk what was th supply rate for th button headphones 'cos Erin was th one that wanted t sell th headphones and is therefore th only one who handled it, but honestly, if you see other blogshops selling things at lower prices, you could do us a favour & tell us which blogshop that is so that we can take supply from them instead. Even if you dont want t help us, & would like t remind us that th prices of some items are too high, you could have put it in a more polite way. I'm not offended, but I think that if you were t use that kind of uhm... tone? with other blogshops, th outcome may not be too pleasant. Of course, that is only my opinion. I'm terribly sorry that th prices are that high in our blogshop, but you should know that there are also items that are sold at much higher prices at other blogshops. Do understand that some ppl are not as lucky t be able t get items from direct suppliers or get items at low supply rates.(: I wish you all th best&a good day t you.


Secrets are not meant to be told, so make sure your lips are sealed.